Happy Birthday Project: 25 Reasons To Love Emily!

Emily Rudd celebrates her 25 years on day 24 February of the next year, and we will, therefore, with the support of the fans for that, so let us show our unconditional love for the actress in this very important date. Learn how to enter below:


At first, the project will consist of a special video to be posted on ERBR networks with several memorable occasions of Emily, titled “Happy Birthday Emily.”

The selection of moments will be, in part, at the discretion of site staff. However, if you have a suggestion of a video which like, please do not hesitate to send an email to citing it.

The second part of the project will be aimed at fans, in order to maintain an interaction with you. At the end of the video, we will use a cluster of photos that you should send a commentary writing one reason to love Emily with some birthday message for her, or anything you prefer that I should like to say to her, any drawing or edit you have made, etc;

step 1: you must take a photo with a paper written as explained above and send it to contato@emilyrudd.com.br until the day February 05 at 6:00 pm (Brasília-DF);

step 2: wait for the publication of the special for the birthday of Emily in all our social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) on 24 February;

step 3: once the video is published on Twitter, retweet and spread it with the message of your choice using the tag “25 Reasons To Love Emily Rudd”. On Instagram, remember to check often Emily (@emilysteaparty) and in our fan club (@emilyruddbra/emilyruddbr) in the comments of the publication of the video on our website on the social network;

Check out, then, the basic requirements, but essential for your photo to be added:

1. The photo must submit a quality that is, at a minimum, reasonable; We recommend dimensions proportional to 1080 (width) x 720 (height) in pixels. Low quality images are discarded;

2. Be creative in the development of commemorative photos;

3. The photo must have you or who you want to appear and will not be accepted under any circumstances, photographs that contain only posters, written messages online, some kind of offense or nudity;

4. The period for the submission is closed to 6:00 pm of the day 05 February; photographs submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Otherwise, try sending again until you receive an email our return.